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Music to Our Society

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The way music influences our society makes it crucial to analyze its composure because we gain a deeper view of racial issues, and music is something eternally profound. Initially, music provides people an understanding of different views on races in our society. Most artists put pressure on themselves to represent their race to educate people. Furthermore, bringing awareness and highlighting the challenges they encounter due to how society views them. Also, comprehending the music gives us the privilege to approach society differently because there will always be something to discuss. For instance, due to society’s perspective on the African-American race, rappers utilize their music to speak up for them about how they are treated. From the brutal upbringing and injustice to the pridefulness of their history and the beauty of colored skin. Music gives us more knowledge of racial challenges; however, it is significant to know that music is endless and sincere. Every piece is profound enough to move people which could be the lyrics as well as the rhythm. Artists put lots of effort into their pieces, so every song of every lyric is valuable. When music is about race, culture, movements, injustice, or solely the artist speaking their minds it creates a powerful connection between communities. Therefore, when an artist writes something personal, people are able to relate and feel on a deeper level. Music has the capacity to bring society together and experience the ability to heal together. Music is something we can not stop studying because each melody has its own notes. Thus, with every song, there will always be something new to learn about. In conclusion, music is necessary to study due to society’s opinions of diverse races, and foremost to understand that music is something heartfelt that we should acknowledge and value.


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