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Rap Battle: Education v. Rap

The thin line between rap and school deals with the negative stereotype of rap and, the limits to discussing issues that rap brings to the table that both teachers and parents are uncomfortable speaking about. Firstly, rap music is commonly portrayed as aggressive or inappropriate, presenting negative views. Besides avoiding teaching this genre, teachers even prevent students from listening to rap in class to conserve a “clean” environment. In addition, some instructors regard rap as problematic, which impacts students’ opinions about the world of rap. The foul language used in this music is considered violent instead of a form of expression and, it is something teachers are not willing to expose to their students. Also, parents attempt to raise their children to be respectful young adults, and they exemplify that to the public, like school. Parents would not want their children listening to rap music for homework due to the assumption that it leads to misconduct. The limitations controlled at school also come from the social issues talked about in rap music. Some teachers avoid talking about social dilemmas to prevent the risk of saying the wrong things. Topics like police brutality, black lives matter, drugs, or lgbtq+ are things teachers feel uncomfortable approaching. Schools are not the only contributing factors to this boundary, but parents too. Moreover, some parents lack communication skills to talk about reality with their children, so they attempt to avoid the conversations. In conclusion, the reason we do not study rap music in our classes is due to the contribution of both teachers and parents unable to look beyond the stereotypes and converse about world hardships.


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