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People’s Thoughts on Rap

Interesting feedback was received after a questionnaire was shared asking individuals concerning their perspective on rap music. First, 75% of women ranging from ages 15-17 and 18-24, and 25% of men from ages 18-25 answered this survey, with the majority being Hispanic. However, women who responded to this survey sometimes or rarely listen to rapContinue reading “People’s Thoughts on Rap”


Rap Battle: Education v. Rap

The thin line between rap and school deals with the negative stereotype of rap and, the limits to discussing issues that rap brings to the table that both teachers and parents are uncomfortable speaking about. Firstly, rap music is commonly portrayed as aggressive or inappropriate, presenting negative views. Besides avoiding teaching this genre, teachers evenContinue reading “Rap Battle: Education v. Rap”

Music to Our Society

The way music influences our society makes it crucial to analyze its composure because we gain a deeper view of racial issues, and music is something eternally profound. Initially, music provides people an understanding of different views on races in our society. Most artists put pressure on themselves to represent their race to educate people.Continue reading “Music to Our Society”

Juan Manuel Marquez

Juan Manuel Marquez is a former professional boxer from Mexico. Marquez competed from 1993-2014 and became the third Mexican boxer to become a world champion in four weight classes. However, it was not always victories for Marquez. Marquez went against Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, better known as Manny Pacquiao, four times. Furthermore, the first match wasContinue reading “Juan Manuel Marquez”

Dr. Tinajero’s Analysis of The Rhetoric of Yelp Reviews

In Dr. Tinajero’s podcast, Words Words Words, episode 47 highlights how Yelp reviews influence people’s opinions on businesses. Therefore, people directly pay attention to the negative, positive, and grammar of these reviews. First, negative evaluations affect the representation of that business and its services. For instance, rating a restaurant one star with a bad reviewContinue reading “Dr. Tinajero’s Analysis of The Rhetoric of Yelp Reviews”

The Benefits of English Composition and Technical Writing Courses

The two most crucial and beneficial English courses a student can take are composition and technical writing because they allow students to improve academically and prepare for the professional world. First, a composition course can help students throughout college, improving their essays throughout the years. Composition aids students write better academically and become more criticalContinue reading “The Benefits of English Composition and Technical Writing Courses”

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