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People’s Thoughts on Rap

Interesting feedback was received after a questionnaire was shared asking individuals concerning their perspective on rap music. First, 75% of women ranging from ages 15-17 and 18-24, and 25% of men from ages 18-25 answered this survey, with the majority being Hispanic. However, women who responded to this survey sometimes or rarely listen to rap music. Few women listen to rap all the time or, usually, in addition to the men, the controversy is distinct between the two groups. The next question in discussion was, “What do you think most rap music talks about?” Effectively, issues obtaining the most votes, Violence (77.8%), Drugs (88.9%), and Money (91.7%). Topics with the least votes, Awareness (33.3%), Police Brutality (47.2%), and Racism (52.8%). Establishing that rap itself has a negative perspective based on the topics artist chose to discuss. Next is asking people if they believed rap was “good or bad” for society and youth. In this case, the women who rarely listen to rap replied that “it is just music and does not affect our lives.” Regardless, those who do, have much more to say. Having the same idea, they believe rap can be positive and negative for our society. Unfortunately, due to the vulgar language, people get scandalous, to a point where we criminalize this genre ourselves. “All genres are like that, they all contribute to our society in some way opposed to just one, but sadly, rap has been looked down upon,” said a male responder. They consider rap expressive and inspirational, forms where the artist can connect with their audience and educate them on current social dilemmas. Depending on the mentality of people towards the music and the influences surrounding them, there are circumstances in which rap can affect us. In regards to the young audience, they believe that nowadays rap can be assertive for the ears of the younger audience since old rap was much more sophisticated. People are unwilling to change the stereotype, yet others attempt to understand the lyrics more, which shows between the two perspectives. This analysis showed that the majority currently sees rap negatively and only hear the drugs, money, and violence in music without influencing society. Nevertheless, some people examine past the vulgar language and read lyrics to educate and improve together as a society.


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