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Dr. Tinajero’s Analysis of The Rhetoric of Yelp Reviews

In Dr. Tinajero’s podcast, Words Words Words, episode 47 highlights how Yelp reviews influence people’s opinions on businesses. Therefore, people directly pay attention to the negative, positive, and grammar of these reviews. First, negative evaluations affect the representation of that business and its services. For instance, rating a restaurant one star with a bad review pushes away customers without even trying their products. People describing unsatisfactory experiences weigh people’s decisions regarding that particular business. Secondly, optimistic assessments and their grammar also affect the opinions about these businesses. Some people tend to overanalyze the grammar in some reviews. In addition, proper grammar leads people to assume the rating can be falsify or be paid for by the company. However, the positive reviews with poor grammar are recognized as reliable, honest, and “normal.” Conclusively, the rhetoric of Yelp reviews affects the way we feel about the company with or without personal experience. People’s statements and ratings influence our decisions and judgments before visiting a particular restaurant. Dr. Tinajero states we have to consider fake reviews can be faked as much as positive ones.


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