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Different Discourse Communities

Somehow, someplace we all fit into a discourse community, whether we acknowledge it or not. A discourse community is a group that applies particular lingo, language, or gestures that only the group can understand. Which when newcomers come along, they must learn the way the group communicates to comprehend. Two discourse communities I belong to are my group of best friends and the trio of my sister and cousin. To begin with, my group of friends is one of a kind, and to understand us, you must know our lingo and tones. For instance, “Ayo, we hopping on VC?” refers to anyone joining voice chat today; voice chat is more like a group phone call. We also say what are considered offensive phrases with passive-aggressive tones. Like, “mind ya business!” with an annoyed emphasis or “what that do for meh?” as if we did not care. In actuality, it is the form we get along with, and it is nothing but tough love. Other random phrases are; “watafak,” “it be your own,” “mmmm,” “you’re so swag,” and much more. To continue, another discourse community I belong to is the trio; my sister, cousin, and me. The dialogue among the three of us is distinctive than when speaking to the rest of the family. For example, we say “shut up!” with a high pitch humorously. Among the rest of the family, we have to be more formal and considerate. While separately, we are more casual and relaxed, like we can be our authentic selves. We say things like “this girl” while rolling our eyes or “not you being ugly” with a laugh. We are not mean to each other it is just random phrases we picked up along the way. To close off, discourse communities are a group of people connected with the way they communicate. My friends and I apply unique phrases in various circumstances that we only understand. Finally, the trio utilizes phrases that the family will not entirely comprehend the reason we say them.


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