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Good Advice From “Break Up Nicely”

A breakup away from home or memorable places is the most helpful advice because you would not want the negative around and supports speeding the healing process. Of course, a breakup is never smooth, but retaining that away from your favorite places will make it less depressing. Principally, you would not want to associate the negative with the positive moments. Although the negative will attempt to take over, try to remember the good parts of the relationship. In that case, you would not want to go to a fair and remember “that is where we broke up.” Instead, you want to go to the fair and have fun and remember all the good times the two of you had there. There is no point in reminiscing on the bad look on the bright side; everything happens for a reason. Also, keeping the breakup away from home or places with attached memories will speed the healing process. Like the article, Your Escape Plans, states, “You will minimize her feelings of rejection and speed closure for both of you.” Therefore, making it more peaceful to move on, not all breakups end up on bad terms. Although we all know everyone grieves differently and at a different pace, separating the great from the worst will demonstrate that they care. With that said, breaking up away from home will help you through the healing process and maintain a positive mindset.


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