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The Benefits of English Composition and Technical Writing Courses

The two most crucial and beneficial English courses a student can take are composition and technical writing because they allow students to improve academically and prepare for the professional world. First, a composition course can help students throughout college, improving their essays throughout the years. Composition aids students write better academically and become more critical thinkers. Therefore, more practice on the “basic skills” will assure success in future research papers or essays. Eventually, reducing overthinking and questioning their writing skills. Secondly, technical writing can prepare students for the professional world. For instance, some students do not know how to write up a proper resume, email, or make a presentable PowerPoint. A technical writing course teaches students how to write in a professional format. Therefore, technical writing will be applicable for students in college and in the real world as well. Which will give people the confidence to apply for jobs and improve their social skills in the future. In short, composition and technical writing courses will prepare students for future essays and out in the real world.


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