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Issues in Education of Religions

High school students should not be required to take World Religions to graduate due to the involvement of the First Amendment and the Murray v. Curlett case, which will all affect the new generation. To begin with, as the First Amendment states, the separation of church and state issues should be considered. In that case, the First Amendment guarantees freedom of expression, one being a religion. Therefore, people will protest and fight for all human and non-human rights until they solve the issue. That could be boycotts, a march, letters, walk-outs, and so on. Secondly, the Murray v. Curlett case prohibited Bible readings at school. In other words, Bible readings in public schools in the United States are considered unconstitutional. In particular, this will be an offense to our new generation, Gen Z, as they are known as the protectors of our rights. Moreover, Gen Z could be named the generation of activists and do not tolerate their rights being tampered with in any means. In short, it should not be mandatory because it goes against the First Amendment and is considered unconstitutional, which will cause political issues.


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